Lateral Computation

Lateral Computation

Lateral Computation is the outcome of a Bachelor of Arts project at the Interaction Design departement of the ZHdK, developed by Michael Schönenberger.

How to use

In order to make use of the knowledge retrieval system, enter a term in the search field above and then click on the arrow sign next to the input field or the Enter key on your keyboard.

Project Description

The presence of computer networks and the associated algorithms rises daily. Filter systems on the internet offer less and less room for unexpected, yet refreshing, encounters. As most of the existing systems aim for precision and personalization of these filters there are little applications that address the aforementioned aspect. Lateral Computation explores the potential of enforcing serendipity in knowledge retrieval systems by making use of alternative computation. The experiments implemented within this thesis have been utilized to analyze users behavior and the very nature of serendipitous confrontations. - being the practical outcome of previous testings and experiences - is a website that makes use of the MediaWiki API to display articles of knowledge. After querying a term, the user stumbles upon a serendipitous article in relation to the entered term.